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Steven Rinella Breaks Down the Flaws of Famous Hunting Scenes in Movies

Watch Steven Rinella break down some famous hunting scenes from movies.

As a lover of both hunting and film, it can be a bit frustrating to watch hunting in movies. I've touched upon this subject before on how filmmakers tend to over-simplify hunting or go with cheesy clichés.

If you haven't seen it before, GQ has a great ongoing video series in which they have professionals break down different subjects featured in film.

They finally got around to featuring hunting scenes and to break them down, they got one of our favorite hunting personalities, Steven Rinella, aka: "The Meat Eater" to chime in his thoughts. This is a good one worthy of your time.

Steve did a great job here in pointing out all the various flaws from these movies, especially the tracking and wind side of things. We really enjoyed the humor he injected into this video.

One thing we're glad he touched on is also a pet peeve of mine, and that's the wrong animal in the wrong place. This happens constantly and it's extremely annoying to anyone who spends any amount of time in the woods and knows what animals should be living there.

We're also glad he mentioned all the safety stuff. Some of the most cringe-worthy safety violations I've seen have been in movie hunting scenes. I've lost count of how many movies I've seen with people with their fingers in the trigger guard.

Do they even consult with firearms experts for this stuff?

Thanks Steven, for calling out the movies on their mistakes. Maybe now filmmakers will watch this before filming and inject some actual realism into their scenes.

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