Mountain Lion Colorado
Facebook Screenshot: Jessie Davis

Colorado Woman Films Mountain Lion Dragging Deer Away in Her Yard

Couple gets a huge surprise in the form of mountain lion in their yard.

Mountain lions are awesome predators and it isn't every day one gets to see one tending to a kill. One couple got to witness such a sight in their own Colorado backyard. Jessie Davis recently posted photos and video of the big female cat with a freshly killed doe to social media where they instantly went viral.

She later told The Journal that the doe had been hanging around their home in Hermosa for the last few months before the lion showed up. Davis has a four-month old child and was up early to tend to the baby when she looked out the window and first spotted the lion standing over the kill.

"I was very startled for sure," she told the publication.

As you can see from the video posted to Facebook, the lion seemed to realize it was being watched and took hold of the doe by the neck and dragged it away. The video is a testament to the size and strength of these big cats as it pulls the deer away with ease. Davis told the publication the lion dragged it approximately 100 yards away to a neighbor's property before it started feeding. It had to pull the deer over a fence to get it there.

The mountain lion then spent the next few days feeding on the deer carcass at its leisure. The incident garnered the attention of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. CPW spokesman Joe Lewandowski used the moment as a reminder that the predators can come close to homes.

More importantly, they seem to be using the moment as a reminder to not feed wildlife near homes that the lions may consider to be food.

"As this video shows, deer are the favored prey of mountain lions," Lewandowski told the publication. "They do most of their hunting from dusk to dawn. And groups of animals, such as deer or turkeys, provide an invitation to mountain lions."

Hopefully this encounter was just a one-time thing for the Davis family and the big cat steers clear of their yard from now on!

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