The Most Classic Ice Fishing Prank There Is

When your buddies pull an ice fishing prank like this, all you can do is laugh.

Ice fishing is enough fun with your family and friends, so why would you ever want to make it any better? Well, this video is why!

Derik Burmeister and his buddies were getting some hardwater fishing done, and downing a few adult beverages, when they chanced upon a friend's line from the ice fishing hut next door.

And the result is the stuff of legend.

These Minnesota anglers did what any conscientious fellow fishermen would do: they found a way to mess with the owner of the line.

Once they were done tying on a new lure (aluminum and liquid-filled, don't ya know) for their neighbor, they gave it a few tugs and then let it go. Here's the hilarious reaction that you just can't fake.

Warning: Lots of graphic language in the video; viewers should be advised it's not for young ears!

Fishermen Pull the Best Ice Fishing Prank

Good pranks make the best social media videos! That's one way you can make the most of a fishing trip!

Maybe the best reaction we've ever seen to thinking you've got a fish on and finding out that you've been had: "Oh you f**in' pricks!" What was more fun, his reaction or the sound of his buddies howling with laughter?

Sharing a beer with a fellow fishermen is great, and that good natured guy did what we all would've done: popped it open and guzzled it down!

Oh well, grab another one of those minnows and start jigging!

The next time any of those dudes have a bite out on the ice, they'll be thinking twice about what is actually on the end of their line.

Cheers to them for sharing the funny ice fishing prank we all love to see!

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