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The Dipstick Beverage Cooler Keeps Drinks From Freezing While Ice Fishing

A Canadian just invented the DipStick beverage cooler and it will change the way you ice fish.

It's about time we had a smart-but-simple ice fishing beverage cooler, right?!

By simply drilling or augering an extra ice fishing hole on your sweet spot, you can insert the DipStick drink holder into it and never have to worry about your beverages freezing on you again.

According to their Facebook page, "When you pull a can out of the dipstick the next can pops up as the bottom of the Dipstick retracts to get your next icy cold beverage ready for you!"

The DipStick allows hard water anglers to keep their beverage cans sheltered from the wind and even allow them to sit for hours in the icy cold water without freezing at all.

Ice cold drinks are one thing, but a frozen beer is no good. Using nature's beverage cooler to keep them drinkable makes the DipStick one of the smartest ice fishing products we can think of.

The Dipstick Ice Fishing Beverage Cooler

Based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, this proudly built piece of Canadian ingenuity is now being sold to anyone, anywhere with an ice shack, ice auger, and some ice fishing gear that just wants to relax and not have to open a frozen beverage.

CBC News reported, "Adam Butler says his subconscious led him to create his super-Canadian invention." The 35-year-old from Saskatchewan, who grew up ice fishing near Moose Jaw, has now sold nearly 10,000 DipSticks across Canada, the US, and around the world.

The Ice Fishing Gadget We Need More Than Fishing Tips

The price is currently $49.95 Canadian, or about $37.87 US. "A lot of people say 'that's the coolest thing I've ever seen, a game-changer,'" Butler said, "We're very happy with it."

It's not that this peculiar, but quite functional device will catch you more fish, it's more that it will let you enjoy your ice fishing experience all the more.

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