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The Return of the Bikini Ice Fishing Team [VIDEO]

These badass girls know how to use their ice fishing tools.

Even in freezing conditions, these hardy ladies can get out on the ice and prove that they've been there before. Without regard to their own well-being, they show us the right stuff to help warm up our winter days and dream of winter nights.

There's no telling what they'll do next.


Some girls know to use their gear and don't mind showing it off either. Not all ice fishermen wear pink mittens, but then again I don't see any men out on that ice in their swimming suits.

When you can call yourself a member of the bikini ice fishing team, you've earned it. Give these ladies a frozen lake, the right equipment, and they will show you how it's done.

There are some things girls just do better than guys.

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The Return of the Bikini Ice Fishing Team [VIDEO]