Sperm Whale
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Sperm Whale Carcass Suddenly Explodes All Over Marine Biologist

You might hurl watching this sperm whale explode (but not as much as the whale did).

According to the YouTuber who posted this fun and educational video, this is the case of a sperm whale that washed up dead somewhere near the Faroe Islands. Biologists decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more. The best way to do that is to have a look at the internal organs. 

When a marine biologist attempted to perform an autopsy on the deceased whale, the buildup of methane gas inside caused an absolute explosion of blood and guts.

Watch the video below, just don't do it while you're eating lunch today. Trust us on that one.

Just in case, here's one last WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Well, that was disgusting, to put it lightly. It was also quite incredible. Who would have expected that to happen while simply cutting open an animal's carcass? It's safe to say that researcher's heart rate probably shot through the roof momentarily when that whale's guts blew out. We can almost smell the aftermath of this incident through the screen and it is NOT pleasant. We're thinking they'll use a little more caution the next time they decide to autopsy something that's been sitting on the beach for days. 

Since the carcass had been sitting for some two days by the time the biologist was ready to examine it, normal and natural processes of decomposition had been taking place.

Once the researcher punctured the whale enough to release the methane...well, you saw what happened. There's your lesson for the day. Never cut into an old, stinky whale carcass you find just laying around. We shouldn't have to say that, but you know how people are these days.

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