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7 Most Beautiful Fly Fishing Destinations In the World

There are a lot of beautiful places to cast in the Unites States—but there's also a whole world of beautiful rivers out there for fly anglers. Those willing to travel beyond the United States can witness some truly breathtaking scenery.

Why not take that passion for fly fishing a step further and visit some of the most gorgeous spots on the planet while doing what you love. There are the steamy jungles of Bolivia, the sandy beaches of Seychelles, the crystal-clear rivers of New Zealand, and much more. We picked out some of the most undeniably beautiful spots in the world for fly anglers to visit. Load up that fly-fishing bucket list full of stunning international destinations, get a ticket, and go fishing.


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If you're looking for some of the most beautiful and pristine views in North America, then Alaska's seemingly unlimited river systems offer anglers fly fishing that cannot be found anywhere else. From luxurious, fly-out lodges to remote bush tent camps and overnight float trips, Alaskan fly-fishing options are some of the very best at delivering great fishing among the most gorgeous views found anywhere.



From some of the finest saltwater flats fishing on the planet to the views along its coastline, Belize offers the fly angler bonefish and permit fishing under blue skies like no other region. Add to that the fact that this central American nation is a favored stop for many vacationers, fishing its white sand flats and shallow-water lagoons is a dreamy experience for any serious fly angler.


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Seychelles offers fishermen opportunities for giant trevally, triggerfish, and much more. Plus, there's that view!

Seychelles is located far off the eastern coast of Africa, thousands of miles northeast of Madagascar. These islands are full of interesting features, including dozens of atolls, saltwater flats, plus fly-fishing opportunities throughout.


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Fishing for big, aggressive golden dorado in the remote and overwhelming beauty of Bolivia is the adrenaline boost you didn't know you needed.

There are almost no other places in the world where you can wade a mountain stream and have thousands of butterflies dot the banks, while trying to place a fly in front of an exotic fish that has probably never seen one before.



Patagonia, located at the extreme southern tip of South America, is a section of wilderness that stretches across both Chile and Argentina. It is famous for being an incredible rainbow trout, sea-run brown trout, brook trout, king salmon, Pacific salmon hotspot. The best kept secret of Patagonia is how stunning the scenery is. This scenic region where sand, stone, and water meet is a must-see for fly anglers.

New Zealand

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New Zealand is an epic backdrop for fly fishermen targeting brown trout. It might require a helicopter ride to get to the water, but it'll seem worth it once you get there. Here, fishermen can sight fish for huge browns in some of the most beautiful water on earth.

British Columbia

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From the legendary wild steelhead-rich waters of the coastal rivers to the native cutthroat and backcountry trophy northern pike fishing, this Canadian province has it all and more. The Cordillera Mountain system consists of two main mountain ranges: Coast Mountains in the west and the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the east.

Anglers will find it virtually impossible to fish here without having these backdrops right in the line of sight the entire time, but that's certainly nothing to complain about.