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Mossy Oak Launches New “Elements” Pattern at ICAST

mossy oak element

Mossy Oak has unveiled at the 2017 ICAST, a pattern using three out of four of the earth’s elements designed for the total outdoor enthusiast.

Mossy Oak is introducing their newest line at the 2017 ICAST: Mossy Oak Elements.

A company that believes a camouflage pattern should be designed by nature, not a computer, has truly grasped nature in their first pattern of Elements, known as Agua. Elements is a family of patterns utilizing the three core elements of the natural world: Earth, Water, and Wind.

mossy oak element
Mossy Oak Element

Mossy Oak has strived to be the preferred outdoors lifestyle brand and Elements is here to reinforce that. The line is surely designed to conceal but allows the wearer to express their love for the outdoors. No matter the adventure, the new Element offers a lifestyle pattern pertaining to every region and activity, whether on water or land.

“If 30 years of making Mossy Oak camo has shown us anything, it’s that our patterns mean more than just a way to hide from critters,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “Instead, wearing Mossy Oak has become an expression of who we are. With Elements, we wanted to create designs that are completely different than anything we, or anyone else has ever done before, without sacrificing our deep connection with nature.  Like its name, Elements is designed from the most basic building blocks of the natural world and represents an exciting new direction for Mossy Oak.”

There is no telling where this line will go. There are four colors in its first pattern. The first pattern in the line is the Elements Agua. This pattern was designed for the angling community and will be prominent within Mossy Oak’s exhibit at ICAST. The four colors are Agua Blacktip, Seawater, Manta and Crimson.

The new Aqua pattern in the Mossy Oak Elements family will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2018.

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Mossy Oak Launches New “Elements” Pattern at ICAST