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New Footage Shows How Concealed Carry Holder Saved Deputy’s Life

concealed carry shooting interstate saved deputy

It’s a situation that all CCW permit holders hope they won’t find themselves in, but it’s the reason they carry a firearm.

Concealed carry permit holders take on a certain responsibility to protect people who are in danger of grave harm. And that’s exactly what happened last November on I-75 in Florida when a concealed carry holder, Ashad Russell, had to save the life of Lee County Deputy First Class Dean Bardes.

To quickly recap the story, Deputy Bardes stopped Edward Strother after he was pulled over for speeding. Strother charged the deputy as he was getting out of his police vehicle. He gained the advantage over the deputy and started beating him.

Russell got out of his vehicle, drew his firearm and walked up to the scene. Russell pointed his firearm at Strother. Both Russell and the deputy commanded Strother to stop. The deputy asked Russell to shoot Strother. Russell then shot him three times.

A newly released cell phone video provides a better visual of what happened that day:

You can clearly see that Russell gave the assailant an opportunity to get off the deputy.

You can also see him drop his weapon and walk away after he shot. He was clearly shaken up. Who wouldn’t be?

Some may question the use of deadly force. The original news story has more detailed information with experts’ opinions that demonstrate why this was a justifiable action.

Ultimately, the shooting was reviewed by the Florida State Attorney’s Office in February 2017, and Ashad was cleared.


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New Footage Shows How Concealed Carry Holder Saved Deputy’s Life