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Mossy Oak Announces First Camo Pattern for Ground Blind Hunters

Mossy Oak goes for a new kind of camo patten, one fit for hunters who use ground blinds.

In the continuing battle for supremacy amongst camo pattern designers and companies, Mossy Oak released word of their newest concept on Wednesday. Known as Eclipse, the design is significantly black, and meant for ground blind hunters.

The pattern features patches of green- and brown-based traditional camo, with the rest of the apparel black. Zippers and logos are blaze orange.

The official word is that Mossy Oak Eclipse will be available in Walmart stores beginning August 1. This piece of news follows two other recent announcements from Mossy Oak regarding their other new camo line, Elements. Launched at ICAST, Elements is meant for fishermen, and Kevin VanDam and Huk were revealed as the partnering personality and company helping present the four new patterns.

Blind hunting as a sector has recently emerged as a relatively common custom nationwide, but part of the appeal for some of those hunters is the lack of necessary camo at all. Dress in black, and you're covered, right?

Mossy Oak addressed that likely-to-be first question asked, and backed it up with some stats as well.

"A number of factors contribute to this growth including safety, ease of use, low cost blinds and how well blind hunting is suited to mentoring new hunters," said Chris Paradise, Chief Sales Officer for Mossy Oak, in the official news release. "To be most effective while hunting from a blind, the interior of a ground blind needs to be as dark as possible to hide the hunter. Until now, there hasn't been an effective camouflage solution to address the ground blind environment."

A 2017 survey claimed that 88% of ground blind hunters preferred black outerwear, and Mossy Oak is doing their best to improve upon that.

"Our driving passion at Mossy Oak is to help others be successful in the outdoors," said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. "With over half of hunters hunting from ground blinds where they are less exposed and hidden from natural light, we saw an opportunity to develop a pattern to help them hide even more inside the blind. Often hunters choose camo patterns for identity as much as effectiveness. Well, ground blind hunters now a have pattern for their hunting identity with Eclipse."

Mossy Oak's motto has always been "It's not a passion. It's an obsession." This might begin to approach that obsession level for some, but for the hardcore ground blind hunter, this looks like a no-brainer.

The true test, when it hits the fields this fall, will tell the rest of the story. For now, Mossy Oak is the latest with a cool new idea that's generating some buzz, and that's certainly worth a lot these days.