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First Blood on Mossy Oak's New Series Boasts Monster Buck

After four episodes of suspense, the hunters from 'Seek One' draw first blood on a monster buck!

If you have been following the Mossy Oak 'Seek One' series, then you have been waiting for these guys to get it done on a monster buck. These deer grow big in the backyards and wooded lots just outside of Georgia's most populated city. Trust me, they don't get that big by being stupid.

Harvesting one of these deer is no easy task.

Watch the video below to see Drew Carroll and Lee Ellis stick the first deer in this video series.

How cool was that? Patience paid off for these two hunters. Another great example of why scouting and understanding the deer habits in your area is of the utmost importance. Oh, a little bit of luck never hurt anyone either.

Great job guys! We will be looking forward to the release of the next episode in this epic video series.

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First Blood on Mossy Oak's New Series Boasts Monster Buck