More Than 500 Animals Rescued from Abandoned Mall Pet Store

Edmonton Humane Society in Canada performed the second-largest animal rescue in their history.

The Edmonton Humane Society took in hundreds of exotic animals that were discovered neglected and left behind in a pet store in the West Edmonton Mall last Tuesday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

More than 500 animals were discovered at My Pet after a neighboring store clerk notified officials that the store was never opened up on Monday. The pet store's owner told police My Pet had been in the process of renegotiating the lease but ran into difficulties.

My Pet and workers at the West Edmonton Mall were said to have worked together with the police during the seizure of small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians which occurred in the same day that the location was permanently closed by the mall.

Thirty mall staff members were involved with the transport from the pet store to Edmonton Humane Society's doors. At EHS, each animal went through the intake process with a full health assessment before being situated in its new temporary home. However, the animals are not currently on display at the shelter.

The Animal Protection Act defines an abandoned animal as any creature left behind for more than 24 hours without sufficient resources such as food, water, or shelter. Additionally, boarding animals not picked up more than five days after their expected departure and animals discovered on a property whose lease agreement has been broken are also considered abandoned.

Once police determine the animals have been abandoned, they can act promptly to begin retrieval.

Charges are still being determined for the owners of My Pet. If convicted, they could face a $20,000 fine as well as a lifetime ban from pet ownership.

The pet store has since been boarded up and remains vacant. Because they are part of a legal proceeding, the rescued animals will be held for a minimum of 10 days before they might be eligible for adoption or even possibly returned to My Pet.

EHS is calling for urgent donations to help cover the cost of caring for this large and varied animal load. Monetary donations can be made here.

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