Moose Sheds an Antler
YouTube: Into the Wild

Drone Captures The Exact Moment a Bull Moose Sheds a Massive Antler


Sheds don't get much fresher than this!

As we get into shed hunting season, everyone dreams about picking up a giant-sized antler from that big buck or bull. Plenty of us dream about seeing an antler fall from the animal's head as it's running away from us. Most of us will never be that lucky, but a few fortunate shed hunters have gotten to witness it. A few of them have been lucky enough to capture it on camera.

While we've seen plenty of videos of deer, elk, and moose shedding before, this one from Into the Wild on YouTube was a new one. This footage was captured in New Brunswick by an overhead drone. As the drone turns to follow the animal's movement, the bull quickens his pace.

As he does, his antlers catch on some small trees. One of the springy branches pulls the bull's right antler right off his head as the drone's video rolls.


It is so rare to capture footage of a deer, elk, or moose shedding an antler. This may very well be the only drone footage in existence to show this rare sight. Talk about the right place at the right time! I'm never fortunate enough to capture something this cool with my drone. And even if I did, I'd probably freak out and end up crashing my expensive drone because I'd be so excited. Make sure you check local regulations regarding drone use in your hunting area before trying to film something similar.

It also looks like he matched up the drop that happened on video, so the other side must not have hung on very long. It's always interesting to see how these animals drop. Sometimes both sides come off quickly or at the same time. Other times they walk around for weeks with only one side. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. The antlers loosen and fall off when they're ready.

In any case, this video has us pumped to go out and burn some boot leather looking for antlers now.

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