Moose Shed Antlers
YouTube: Stuck N The Rut

In Alaska, Some People Hunt Moose Shed Antlers From Airplanes

Spotting moose sheds is possible from the air!

As the main big game hunting seasons start to wane over many parts of the country, many hunters are getting their hiking gear ready for the first phase of the off-season. Yes, it's almost time to burn some boot rubber shed hunting. It's the ideal time of year to see whether that big buck or bull that eluded you survived the season.

We have seen shed hunters utilize many different methods for recovering white gold every spring. The two most popular methods are probably the use of trained dogs and ATVs, where legal, to cover more ground.

Then there is Alaska, where much of the best shed hunting is going to be miles deep into the backcountry. In places that only an airplane can reach. Can you believe that some shed hunters up in the Last Frontier use this method to find sheds? This video from YouTubers Adam and Tana of Stuck N The Rut shows how they manage to do that. Watch as they pick up several large paddles that they first spot from the air!

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Last season, I found my first ever "road shed" that I spotted from my Jeep while driving down a backcountry road here in Michigan. I thought that was a cool feat to find a whitetail shed like that. However, spotting a shed antler of any kind from a fast-moving plane is a whole different level of eagle eyes. Great job spotting those paddles you guys!

This reminds me of one of my best pieces of shed hunting advice, especially for those who haven't found one before. Many other shed addicts will surely agree with me when I say: "Never stop looking." Seriously, every time you are in an area where deer, elk or moose may be hiding, keep your eyes peeled. You never know where a shed is going to pop up. I've found sheds in backyards and on two-track access roads next to highways using this philosophy.

Adam and Tana made some great finds here and this was only the start of their shed hunting season. We're looking forward to seeing what else they pluck out of the rugged backcountry of Alaska as the season goes on!

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