Moose Hunt
YouTube: David Hunter

Bowhunter Smokes Bull in Exciting Moose Hunt on the Ground

It doesn't get much better than harvesting a mature bull this close.

Moose hunting is one of those dream pursuits that many big game enthusiasts like to put on their bucket lists. There's nothing quite as exciting as getting up close and personal with a large bull moose with massive antlers on the ground. Especially during an archery hunt somewhere deep in the Alaskan or Canadian bush during the rut.

The hunt we're showcasing today is about as good as it gets when it comes to moose hunting season here in North America. This hunter does a bit of moose calling to bring this massive animal into bow range.

The hunter's backup, or the outfitter is back at a distance, capturing the whole incredible hunt on camera. It doesn't get much more exciting than this.

We really can't blame the guy for taking the shot so quickly. Even when they're a smaller bull, these animals are huge, and the last thing you want is for it to charge at the last minute. This just goes to show that a hunt doesn't have to be for a trophy bull moose to be the hunt of a lifetime.

Moose populations vary throughout the United States and Canada. Depending on where you go and apply for a moose permit, something like this may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the hunter. In some states, especially in the Rocky Mountains, the bag limit is sometimes one animal in a lifetime. Better make sure it's a big bull!

In most states, aspiring moose hunters will have to apply for a draw system. For Maine moose, nonresidents don't have great odds, so your success rate on drawing will depend on where you apply. You're likely going to have more luck drawing a moose tag in Alaska. While the Last Frontier leaves a larger hunting area to choose from, it's also going to be significantly more expensive than someplace like Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho or Utah. That's mostly due to transportation, outfitter costs, trophy fees and hunting license costs. However, there are also better odds for giant bulls the further north you go. Some outfitters will let you combine a moose hunt with one for black bear or another species to get your money's worth.

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