Moose Calf
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Kayakers Rescue Drowning Moose Calf From Certain Death

Kayakers give baby moose a second chance.

Life in the wild is hard for baby animals when they are very young. They are extremely vulnerable to predators just waiting for the mother to let their guard down for even a second. Then there are the environmental hazards. Sudden cold snaps, rock slides, and fast-moving rivers are all a hazard that younger animals are not always prepared to deal with.

One moose calf learns the dangers of a river firsthand in today's video. This female calf is caught in an extremely dangerous, and fast-moving current with nowhere to go. It is likely that this animal would have been doomed to drowning if not for two kayakers that spot her.

They quickly spring into action to pull the calf out of the raging river and give her a second chance at life.

While that river was not very deep, it was obviously enough for this calf to be completely overwhelmed. There was no way she was escaping from this situation on her own. Kudos to these guys for their fast action in this situation. Rivers that move this fast are extremely dangerous, which is why it was a good idea for the kayaker who dove in to have an extra line when he dove in after her.

Letting that calf go quickly was the way to go in this situation. Cow moose are extremely defensive of their young. We have seen videos of them attacking large trucks before. You do not want to get on their bad side!

We will never know if the calf was reunited with her mother or not. At the very least, these guys gave her a chance she would not have had otherwise. Great job on the moose rescue guys, and thanks for sharing the video of it with the world!

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