Cow Moose
YouTube: Bowhuntingroad

Cow Moose Aggressively Attacks and Chases Truck to Defend Her Young

There are few animals in nature more dangerous than any mother protecting her young. Driven by fierce instincts, mothers are ready to defend against any threat they may sense in the wild, even if it's too big for them to realistically handle. Take this cow moose for example. She has two extremely young calves with her on a narrow mountain road when two men in a truck come up behind them. Unsurprisingly, the cow becomes fiercely defensive of her babies, and refuses to let the vehicle drive past. However, no one would've expected her to ram the vehicle multiple times and then chase it down the road before giving up on it.

Because of their build, with their long legs supporting such a massive body, moose just have a kind of clumsiness to them that makes other creatures underestimate them. But as you can see here, these animals are anything but slow, and have the size to go along with their sneaky athleticism. So, it's wise to consider this a lesson as to why you should give moose a wide berth to avoid any kind of encounter. Not only was she not afraid of a truck, but she was able to keep up with it when they started driving away. There just isn't a scenario where a human is going to be able to outrun one of these massive animals.

According to the video's description, this was just a portion of the encounter, too. Apparently, they were trying to get around the trio for more than 15 minutes before they finally got away. Perhaps there was a bear or another predator that spooked them up to the road, but there's no way to know for sure. What we do know is that if we ever encounter a moose with young in the wild, we're going to stay as far away as we possibly can.

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