Rutting Bull Moose
YouTube: Jackson Whole Experience

Rutting Bull Moose Casually Pursues Cow Through Parking Lot Past Stunned Shoppers

Rutting bull moose do not care about your shopping list.

Think back to your wildest trip to the grocery story. We are guessing it probably does not involve a rutted-up bull moose pursuing a cow through the parking lot as you were getting in or out of your vehicle. Because well, moose do not show up at a grocery story all too often. That is of course, unless you happen to live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Because moose in the streets are a common occurrence in this part of the country, as this video demonstrates. This large bull does not care about anything else going on around him.

He has his sights set on a cow, which runs through the parking lot of a sporting goods and Staples office supply store. He barely even seems to notice all the gawking people as he walks among the cars.

Jackson Hole is located on the west side of Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. By default, that makes Jackson one of THE places to stay while exploring those awesome, wild areas.

Despite being a busy tourist destination, seeing moose wander through the center of town is a not uncommon in Jackson. There is nothing humans can do except to get out of their way. You do not want to mess around with a moose, especially when the bulls are riled up with extra testosterone during the rut. Notice how all the people and cars gave this guy a wide berth as he slowly made his way through all the cars. This video gives a great perspective on just how large these creatures are if you have never seen one in person before.

For a short time, I lived in Cody, Wyoming on the other side of Yellowstone from Jackson. I could never get used to seeing all the urban mule deer that wandered through that town. For the locals, a sight like this is akin to seeing a squirrel in your backyard! It just goes to show there are still some wild places on earth where humans and people can live together.

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