Moose Enjoys a Casual Game of Basketball

Check out this massive bull moose getting his basketball game on.

Moose might not always be known for their coordination, but this moose is working with what he's got while playing with a basketball left in a backyard.

This particular moose, still shedding the velvet from his rack, does his best Lebron James impression as he twists and turns around the ball with surprising grace.

It's clear that he isn't sure what to make of the whole thing, but he is certainly intrigued by the ball and seems to be having some fun.

Unfortunately, the fun soon comes to and end for the moose when he accidentally kicks the ball into a nearby bush. He tries his best to retrieve it, but it is just out of his reach. He kicks his back legs in apparent frustration before giving up and trotting away.

While he may not be the next Air Bud, this moose should certainly bring a smile to your face with his antics. This video is great proof of just how majestic and large adult moose really are.

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