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Moose Gives Birth to Twins in Backyard [VIDEO]

Witness the miracle of life unfold in the video below.

Last Sunday, a mama moose gave birth to twins in the backyard of a home in Anchorage, Alaska.

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Victoria Hickey and Sarah Lochner captured the video, which shows the mother moose taking care of a newborn calf while the moose gives birth to its twin.

Within a couple minutes, the calves are clean and trying to stand. By the end of the video, they’re already trying to take their first steps.

If the mother seems like a pro at giving birth, it’s because she’s done it before a number of times. According to the man speaking off camera, the moose has returned to the same yard for the last six years to birth her calves.

Do moose ever visit your backyard? 

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Moose Gives Birth to Twins in Backyard [VIDEO]