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Watch: Something Massive Eats Bass Fisherman's Crappie

Crappies love to hang out in the same places big bass do—which can make things exciting while fishing.

Crappies often hang out under docks and sheltered areas, the preferred haunt of largemouth bass, North America's favorite game fish. If there's a big school of crappie in the water, chances are there are also a few largemouth bass lingering around. This gives crappie anglers the unique opportunity to catch a big bass on a relatively small crappie rig without all that much extra effort.

A video posted on Facebook by Carolina Sportsman Magazine shows just what can happen if you're crappie fishing near some largemouth bass.

The fishermen in the video are obviously excited about what was waiting for them on the other end of their line: a crappie, which a trophy-size bass decided to take a bite at as soon as it started being reeled in. I can't way I blame them, I'd be excited about a two-for-one catch like this too. Luckily, the anglers were quick to grab the net, nabbing the largemouth bass before it spit the crappie back out.


While the anglers don't weigh the bass, it's pretty clear from how it swallowed a decent-sized crappie whole that it's a monster. Only the tips of the crappie's tail fin were visible outside of the bass.

It goes to show how big of an impact a little bit of luck can have while fishing.  If you're ever reeling in a fish and notice your line gets noticeably heavier, don't stop reeling. The worst case is you're snagged and you'll pull up a bunch of debris. The best case is you end up striking gold like this guy did.

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