Giant Crappie Catch
YouTube: Ty PigPatrol

Angler Finds School of Giant Crappie Hiding Under a Dock

A long list of items in the pros list keep anglers chasing after crappies year after year, but few anglers ever expect to strike gold quite as perfectly as this lucky fisherman. Not only are panfish wildly fun to chase and catch, but they're also delicious to eat and they're easily one of the coolest looking species you'll ever pull out of a small freshwater fishery. Anyone can appreciate a smaller one via their novelty alone, but any one of these that weighs more than 2 pounds is undeniably a trophy, as they're exceptionally hard to come by. They're also extremely hard to catch, especially in clear water, as they're so easily spooked. In today's video, we see YouTuber Ty PigPatrol catching lightning in a bottle after taking stealthy approach to hooking one in. After catching wind of some rumors of monster crappies lingering around a particular dock at night, he decides to get up bright and early to drop a line at first light without making a sound.

It doesn't take him long to get on some fast action as one big crappie after hits his lure. He even manages to land a few walleyes in the process. Three of these crappies are true giants, the type of fish that anglers spend their whole lives trying to catch.

Sometimes the stealthy approach is what works best! Remember that sound carries better underwater, that's why keeping quiet was so important for this day of fishing. Odds are every sound these guys made travelled down the legs of the dock to the fish underwater. They managed to keep things stealthy enough that these giants were still there and in a heavy feeding mood. If you watched carefully, you could literally see the lure disappear into a fish's mouth several times in this video. It doesn't get much better than that!

Any one of these crappies would make the day of any angler. To catch three of them in a day makes for a lifelong memory. That last fish with the battered fins is a true giant, and he released it to fight another day. Notice he didn't give this hotspot away. We can't say we blame him. We're betting this isn't the last we'll see of this dock on Ty's channel!

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