An angler holding a huge black crappie.
YouTube: Ty PigPatrol

Angler Finds School of Massive Crappie Hiding Under a Dock

It's the lazy fishing dream.

Crappies are wildly fun to chase and catch—and also delicious to eat. They're easily one of the coolest-looking species you'll ever pull out of a small freshwater fishery. Crappie are exceptionally hard to come by and extremely hard to catch, especially in clear water, as they're so easily spooked. Fishing for crappie might not be easy, but when you hook a crappie bigger than 2 pounds, it'll feel and look like a monster.

Persistence and planning paid off in a big way for one lucky angler and Youtuber, Ty PigPatrol, who hooked several massive crappies schooled up under a dock. Ty even caught a few walleyes in the process. We're thankful he shared his crappie experience with the whole world, because it's a good one.

After catching wind of some rumors of monster crappies lingering around a particular dock at night, Ty decided to get up bright and early to drop a line at first light without making a sound. He took his stealthy approach seriously, even dawning quiet shoes so the dock wouldn't squeak.

It doesn't take him long to get on some fast action as one big crappie hits his lure. He even manages to land a few walleyes in the process. Three of these crappies are true giants, the type of fish that anglers spend their whole lives trying to catch. Sometimes, the stealthy approach is what works best.

Remember that sound carries better underwater; that's why keeping quiet was so important for this day of fishing. Odds are, every sound these guys made traveled down the legs of the dock to the fish underwater. They managed to keep things stealthy enough that these giants were still there and in a heavy feeding mood. If you watch carefully, you can literally see the lure disappear into a fish's mouth several times in this video. It doesn't get much better than that!

Catching just one massive crappie would be enough to make an angler's day. But catching three? That's the recipe for a lifelong memory. Ty released the truly giant crappie with battered fins back into the water to fight another day. While he didn't give up his fishing spot, we can't say we blame him. We're betting this isn't the last we'll see of this dock on Ty's channel.