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All 50 Largemouth Bass State Records

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See how your state stacks up against the others when it comes to record setting largemouth bass.

We all would like to have our names etched into stone for catching a record fish. There are some people in this world who go after those monsters day in and day out in hopes of breaking their state records. I don't know how much skill is really involved to get the one that breaks these records, some of which are decades old; it just seems like a lot of luck and being in the right place at the right time.

Largemouth bass and other species of the bass family can reach more than generous sizes for freshwater fish. The current world record for the biggest largemouth bass was set by Manabu Kurita with a 22-pound, 5-ounce, 29-inch monster caught on Lake Biwa in Japan. The previous record had been standing since 1932 when George Perry caught a 22-pound, 4-ounce largemouth from Montgomery Lake in Georgia.

 Alaska N/A N/A N/A N/A
 Alabama16 lbs, 8 ozMountain View LakeThomas Burgin 1987
 Arizona16 lbs, 7 ozCanyon LakeRandall White 1997
 Arkansas16 lbs, 5 ozLake DunnPaul Crowder 2012
 California21 lbs, 12 ozLake CastaicMicheal Arujo 1991
 Colorado11 lbs, 6 ozEcho Canyon ReservoirJarrett Edwards 1997
 Connecticut12 lbs, 14 ozMashapaug PondFrank Domurat 1961
 Delaware11 lbs, 10 ozWagamons PondAJ Klein 2016
 Florida17 lbs, 27 ozUnnamed LakeBilly  O'Berry 1986
 Georgia22 lbs, 4 ozMontgomery LakeGeorge Perry 1932
 Hawaii9 lbs, 9.4 ozWaita ReservoirDickie Broyles 1992
 Idaho10 lbs, 15 ozAnderson LakeMrs. M.W. Taylor  N/A
 Illinois13 lbs, 1 ozStone Quarry
Edward Walbel 1976
 Indiana14 lbs, 12 ozUnnamed LakeJenifer Schultz 1991
 Iowa10 lbs, 14 ozLake FisherPatricia Zaerr 1984


Kansas11 lbs, 12.8 ozPrivate Pit LakeTyson Hallam 2008
Kentucky13 lbs, 10.4 ozWood Creek LakeDale Wilson 1984
Louisiana15.97 lbsCaney LakeGreg Wiggins 1994
Maine11 lbs, 10 ozMoose PondRodney Cockrell 1968
Maryland11 lbs, 2 ozPrivate PondRodney Cockrell 1983
Massachusetts15 lbs, 8 ozSampson PondWalter Bolonis 1975
Michigan11 lbs, 15.04 ozBig Pine Island LakeWilliam Maloney 1934
Minnesota8 lbs, 12.75 ozTetonka LakeJoseph Johanns 1959
Mississippi18 lbs, 2.4 ozNatchez State Park LakeAnthony Denny 1992
Missouri13 lbs, 14 ozBull Shoals LakeMarvin Bushong 1961
Montana8 lbs, 12.8 ozNoxon Rapids ReservoirDarin Williams 2009
Nebraska10 lbs, 11 ozSandpit Near ColumbusPaul Abegglen Sr. 1965
Nevada12 lbs evenLake MeadMicheal R. Geary 1999
New Hampshire10 lbs, 8 ozLake PotanipoG. Bullpit 1967
New Jersey10 lbs, 14 ozMenantico Sand Wash PondRobert Eisele 1980
New Mexico15 lbs, 13 ozBill Evans LakeSteve Estrada 1995
New York11 lbs, 4 ozBuckhorn LakeJohn L. Higbie 1987
North Carolina15 lbs, 14 ozPrivate PondWilliam H. Wofford 1991
North Dakota8 lbs, 7.5 ozNelson LakeLeon Rixen 1983
NJ Division Fish and Wildlife-

The above picture shows Robert Eisele with a bass weighing 10 pounds, 14-ounces in Meanatico 1980.

Ohio13 lbs, 2 ozPrivate PondRoy Landsberger1976
Oklahoma14 lbs, 12.3 ozCedar LakeBenny Williams Jr.2012
Oregon11 lbs, 9.6 ozPrivate PondRandy Spaur1994
Pennsylvania11 lbs, 3 ozBirch Run ReservoirDonal Shade1983
Rhode Island10 lbs, 6 ozJohnson's PondBrandon Migliore2016
South Carolina16 lbs, 2 ozLake MarionP.H. Flanagan1949
South Dakota9 lbs, 3 ozHudson Gravel PitRichard Vierick1999
Tennessee15 lbs, 2 ozChickamauga LakeGabe Keen2015
Texas18 lbs, 2.8 ozLake ForkBarry St.Clair1992
Utah10 lbs, 2 ozPowell LakeSam Lamanna1974
Vermont10 lbs, 4 ozLake DunmoreTony Gale1988
Virginia16 lbs, 4 ozConnor LakeRichard Tate1985
Washington11 lbs, 9 ozBanks LakeCarl Pruitt1977
West Virginia9 lbs, 9.9 ozDog Run LakeEli Gain2001
Wisconsin11 lbs, 3 ozRipley LakeN/A1940
Wyoming7 lbs, 14 ozPrivate PondDustin Shorma1992

I know one thing, I would love to travel around and try to find some of these private ponds that are producing these record fish. It would be interesting to see if they passed the genetic size traits to some of their fingerlings.

All I can say is, good luck to everyone and may the fish gods shine upon us to possibly land one big enough to attempt to rival or break these records.


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All 50 Largemouth Bass State Records