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World Record Spotted Bass May Have Just Been Quietly Caught in California

Images via Bass Resource

The story of this world record spotted bass is one you need to read. 

It all started from a Facebook post from Siebert Outdoors. A story was sent out to that very company with details of a spotted bass that very well may be entering the records books with epic proportions.

It wasn't just a story of catching the 11-pound giant spot, but all the work, effort, friendship, and alignment that had to happen to get it registered. The actual story might just be more impressive than the fish itself. 

Much of the story is told here, so I'll just highlight a few things. However, there is a lot of information left out. Details are still emerging.

As far as the story, two buddies were out fishing. Like most of us, they just weren't expecting a life altering encounter with a world record fish. When the moment came, it couldn't have happened at a better time.


"About 2:00pm we pull up to a SSDD spot. At that point I mentally kind just checked out. I mean I was full on sitting in the old-man chair, sandwich in one hand jig rod in the other dragging a jig on the back deck...This time my sandwich is in my mouth, water bottle in between my legs and I get bit. Again my drag slips and now I am like "great, my reel is jack". I quickly reel up the line and see the color of the fish. I tell John get the net. She made one dive and with four full turns of my reel she was in the net. The whole ordeal was a whooping 8-10 seconds. At this time, I am still grubbing my ham sandwich and John tells me "Hey bud, she is big. She is a Double and might be in contention for the world record."

So what do you do when you have a potential world record in your livewell? You call for help!

I was not willing to kill the fish just for a record.

The author's cell phone was near dead. No certified scales, and no idea what to do. He then calls a friend who drives four hours away with certified scales to measure the fish and help walk the author through the steps he needed to do to get the fish officially certified.

The fish was caught at 2:oo pm. Nine hours later, it was released back into the lake with the proper witnesses, proper documentation, and most likely, the new IGFA released world record spotted bass.

We'll await official confirmation, but for now, it looks like things fell together enough for this to become a reality.


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World Record Spotted Bass May Have Just Been Quietly Caught in California