Monster Buck
YouTube: The Bone Collector

Michael Waddell Smokes Monster Buck in Kansas During Near Perfect Hunt

Hunts rarely work out to perfection like this.

In deer hunting there are no guarantees. We spend the whole summer planning our strategies and setting up our spots in hopes that it will up our odds of success. Still, a lot of things must go right in the hunt to achieve success. A good wind, the right weather, and a little bit of rut action help a lot in this regard.

Getting all those factors to come together in the right place at the right time is hard the part. When things come together, they result in some truly exciting action.

Just watch this video from Michael Waddell, aka: "The Bone Collector" to see what we mean. Michael is big buck heaven in Kansas and the rut has just begun. What unfolds next is as close to a perfect hunt as one could ever ask for.

Every hunter visualizes their perfect hunt in their heads and they usually go something like what we just witnessed from Michael here. Talk about a great hunt and an even better buck. No wonder so many hunters travel to Kansas every year in hopes of meeting up with a monster like this.

With temperatures dropping, that helped spur this big 10-pointer to get up and move. Just a few short blasts on the grunt call was all it took to bring this heavy, mature buck in on a string. He was utterly convinced his area had been invaded by a rival and by the time he realized his mistake, it was too late.

The shot placement on this hunt was perfect. It looked to a double lung hit and as you saw, the buck didn't go far at all. No tracking job required when the buck falls within view of your stand! Congrats Michael on an awesome buck and a great hunt!

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