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YouTube: Legends of the Hunt

Bowhunter Emotionally Breaks Down in Tears After Shooting Giant 14-Point Buck in Memory of His Dad

The emotion in this hunt is raw and very real.

If you ask someone why they hunt, you will hear a myriad of reasons from spending time outdoors to filling the freezer with venison. However, if we are being honest, our favorite thing about hunting is spending time with friends and family. And perhaps nothing better underscores that fact more than those emotional moments in the woods.

Today's video demonstrates the value of family perhaps better than any other hunting video we have ever seen. Here's the context. Jake of Legends of the Hunt has just lost his father five days earlier. Despite reeling from the loss, he decides to head into the woods.

Jake just so happens to have a monster buck well scouted on public land in Ohio and he heads into the woods knowing this buck is going to show based on a fresh acorn crop. When he gets the chance for the shot at this 14-point brute, his reaction after the shot is one of the most powerful things we have seen on video. Grab a box of tissues, you are guaranteed to at least be misty-eyed after this one.

Talk about a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The tears streaming down Jake's face really say it all. It's not often you can experience the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs all in a five-day period. We think Jake was right, his dad was there and helped guide him into arrowing this monster buck.

Not only did Jake get the shot, but it appears he hit a perfect heart shot. The buck did not go far at all and died right in front of him. You cannot ask for something better than that. We are guessing this hunt probably went a long way in the healing process for Jake and his family.

This may very well be one of our favorite hunting videos of all time. The emotion here is raw and very real. It really demonstrates what hunting is all about. Congratulations on an incredible buck, and a memory that will last a lifetime Jake!

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