Cemetery Buck

Bowhunter Makes Perfect Double Lung Shot on Giant Cemetery Buck Named "Casper"

The cemetery was the perfect hiding spot for a buck named "Casper!"

Urban deer hunting is becoming increasingly more popular. Both because more deer than ever are moving into the cities and because more hunters are looking for a different type of bowhunting challenge. The guys behind the YouTube channel SEEK ONE are masters at urban hunting as they have proven season after season.

These guys always seem to find the hotspots where the big bucks are hiding and in their latest video, they venture to Kentucky to once again chase giant whitetails within the city limits.

Lee Ellis ends up hunting a tiny plot of land that butts up against a cemetery and it turns out to be the ideal place to ambush a buck they appropriately have nicknamed "Casper." This is the Halloween hunting video you were waiting for!

Not many hunters think about it, but a large cemetery is the perfect place for an urban deer to hide. There's plenty of grass to graze on, most are surrounded by woods that make for ideal cover. And, most cemeteries are quiet and get few human visitors throughout the day as compared to other parts of a city. Add all those factors together and you've got a prime spot for a big buck to hide without many hunters knowing about it. Let's just hope you aren't afraid of the dark, or ghosts!

As you saw from the video, this tiny patch of woods was holding a few nice bucks. Casper, named of course after "the friendly ghost," just happened to be the biggest of the bunch, a perfect 8-point any hunter would be excited to take.

As we've come to expect from this group's videos, Lee made a perfect double lung shot on this buck. How Casper managed to run as far as he did is anyone's guess. Either way, chalk up another successful urban hunting adventure for the SEEK ONE crew. They have a totally unique hunting style that is fun to watch and the bucks they down are true giants. We cannot wait to see what other bowhunting adventures they have this fall!

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