Mobo Gobbler: Motorized Turkey Decoy Review

The Mobo Gobbler, a motorized RC turkey decoy that convinces  birds. 

It's not too often that a product captures your full curiosity in a cluttered environment like Facebook, but when it does, it has to be captivating and truly unique.

That's what happened when I saw a picture of a turkey decoy attached to a RC car. The carefully engineered decoy, called the Mobo Gobbler, that has a full sized tom decoy on top of a RC car, which enables fully realistic movement from the remote control.

As I mentioned before, the product quickly caught my eye, and I wasn't the only one. One of Blake Boeckmann's posts, the inventor of the Mobo Gobbler, had over 10,000 shares on a single post.



Talking to the Inventor

After getting my hands on a decoy, I reached out to Blake and asked him about his Mobo Gobbler and the origins of this distinctive turkey decoy.

I asked Blake how'd he materialize the idea, and it all started with an injury. A few years ago, Blake broke his neck and after being released from the hospital and being couch ridden he was watching a hunting show when the thought popped in his mind.

He then quickly started to work on creating a prototype and took in to the University of Central Arkansas. It was there where he received a scholarship and additional help for getting the decoy project off the ground.

Patents later and endless hours of work, he was able to get a finished product. It's been on the market for two years, but this was the first year of the Mobo Gobbler going essentially viral on Facebook and Instagram.

Talking with Blake, it was clear this was a true passion project, and the finished product shows it.

Reviewing the Mobo Gobbler

Out of the box, there is some assembly for the decoy, but overall the decoy is quick to set up.

I was impressed with the overall appearance of the decoy, insertable fan, and beard. After charging the batteries, I was excited to give it a test drive. Controlling and maneuvering the Mobo Gobbler was very easy and performed very well in the grass pasture.

The RC car is 4 wheel drive and allows for it to essentially climb over most obstacles.

I look forward to using the decoy this spring. The decoy has been building a strong track record with multiple videos of Tom turkeys coming to the decoy completely fooled. Just like the video below from their Instagram page.

For $299, this decoy makes for the perfect gift for a hunting buddy or a gift to yourself.

To learn more about the Mobo Gobbler, head over their website!