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10 Holiday Gifts for Your Hunting Buddies That Aren’t Overkill

Avoid socks and underwear this year and get a gift that won’t break the bank, yet will really be appreciated this holiday season.

When it comes to the holiday season, hunters are probably one of the easiest to buy for. New items are constantly coming to the shelves and we are all eager to try out the next best thing. But what about those things that are hidden deep in the shelves, haven’t yet hit the shelves or just might not have made it’s way to your hunting buddies’ eyes.

That’s where we come in.

Below are ten holiday gifts for your hunting buddy that won’t stretch the budget. Let’s face it, hunting items can be expensive but gifts don’t have to be!

1. Nikon PROSTAFF 3s

holiday gift hunter nikon prostaff binoculars 2016
Cabela’s $129.99

New for 2016, Nikon offers a great bang for your buck, pun intended. High quality and durable, with a waterproof/fogproof exterior design, the Nikon Prostaff 3s will be just as perfect a gift for the beginner as for the seasoned veteran. These have a large field of view with 42mm objective lenses yet lightweight and compact. If someone you know is looking for an affordable pair of binoculars with quality design and Nikon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, look no further.

2. Thompson Center T-17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit

Bass Pro $29.99
Bass Pro $29.99

Anyone who is serious about hunting is buying better equipment and practicing more. When you practice with a muzzleloader, you have to keep it clean. If the person you have in mind already owns a cleaning kit, add this to their set and they won’t be upset. If this is a gift for a beginner, this is all they need to get their muzzleloader cleaned and ready for the field. At a great price for anyone, the TC T-17 Muzzleloader Cleaning Kit is a great gift for anyone.

3. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance

Gander Mountain $24.99

Let’s be honest, you have heard of these. If you haven’t, you either live where there is no such thing as a mosquito or you live under a rock, figuratively speaking. From barbecues to the treestand, picnics to the boat dock, these will keep mosquitos off your mind and off your body. The ThermaCELL comes in several different color options and repels 98% of mosquitos and other pests in a 15′ x 15′ area.

4. Rocky S2V Jungle Hunter Boots

Rocky Boots $159.99
Rocky Boots $159.99

Not one serious hunter or outdoorsman can go without a good pair of boots. What’s better than a great boot is a company that backs their products, and their service men and women. Rocky has combined their highly popular, S2V military boot design with their outdoor collection. Here, you have the well known comfort and durability that customers have come to know Rocky hunting boots for, and combined that with the outsole technology that has made the Rocky military boot a leading choice for service men and women in the field. We present to you, the Rocky S2V Jungle Hunter Boot.

5. ThermaCELL ProFlex Heated Insoles

Bass Pro $179.99

This year is all about cold feet, or preventing them. You’ve heard of these, you probably want these, you should get these. Heated insoles not only keep your feet warm but they help keep some money in your pocket as well. How you may ask? Well, not everyone can afford to buy a fall hunting season boot and a winter, cold weather hunting boot. In order to meet in the middle, you can purchase one mid-weight boot, like the Rocky S2V, wear them through the fall hunting season and add some ThermaCELL Heated Insoles when the weather gets cooler. They operate on a rechargeable and removeable battery and work wirelessly. Only need a little heat, put it on medium. If they are very cold, put it on high. Don’t let your hunting buddy miss out on a buck of a lifetime because of cold feet.

6. MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit

pocketrocket gift guide 2016
Moosejaw $74.96

Anyone who is an adventurer will want this. This stove kit all combines and fits into one pot making it compact and portable. It is a set for two and the largest of the kit is a 2L pot. The ISOPRO heater can boil one liter of water in a mere three and a half minutes, making breakfast, lunch or dinner quick and hot. Whether camping deep in the Adirondacks or right outback of the house, you will have everything you need with 2-bowls, 2-mugs, 2 sporks and an aluminum 2L pan.

7. Scent Crusher Equipment Station-Boot Dryer

scent crusher boot dryer
Gander Mountain $79.99

As if we haven’t done enough with feet already, here is a must. Anyone who puts time in on their feet in the woods needs a boot dryer. No, not just for the water that may come into the boot, but for the sweat your feet produce while inside. This boot dryer doubles up as an equipment station that not only drys your equipment with a fan and warm air, but includes the Scent Crusher Ozone. This Ozone is an odor causing bacteria killer so not only does your equipment dry, it comes removes odors from your gear or boots as well.

8. Ameristep Bone Collector Blind

ameristep blind best gifts hunting 2016
Field Supply $161.62

Ground blinds have many benefits in the hunting world. If you have are a parent and have children, these are perfect for introducing them into the outdoors. If know a hunter who hunts public land or is mobile quite often. Or a hunter who is not into heights or moving a climbing tree stand around, this could be perfect for you. For a great price, it offers a lot of room inside, is quick and easy to use and has windows designed for both the bow hunter and gun hunter. All in all, it’s a great add to the complimentary of hunting tools and any hunter would be happy to have.

9. The Booger Treestand Item Retriever

christmas hunting gift ideas 2016
Walnut Grove $29.95

One of my favorite tools I have in my bag. It is sort of an “in case of emergency” tool, but when the time comes that you need it, your buddy will be happy you got it for him. It’s call the Booger by Walnut Grove and sure it not only looks like a spider, it acts like one. As you drop something out of your tree stand, this little booger can get it for you. First you attach it to a string, then set the spring loaded claw. As you lower it over top of your item, you actually use the force of the item to set the claws. The spring is very strong and will clamp down on virtually everything, even a water bottle. Save your hunting buddy some time and heart ache from having to climb up and down the tree stand and get him a Booger.

10. Avian-X Turkey Decoy

hunting gift ideas 2016
Cabela’s $99.99

Just because turkey hunting season may not be on the mind of your hunting buddy right now, come the spring time he or she will wish they had one of these. Be the best gift-giver this season and give a gift that will get a lot of use come this turkey hunting season. The Avian-X turkey decoy is one of the most real, life-like turkey decoys on the market. Best part, is it’s light weight and folds up quite great. They are extremely durable and won’t fade or lose it’s paint like some competitors do. If you have a turkey hunter in mind, here is a great gift for them.

Be sure to be the best gift giver of 2016 for your hunting buddy and do it without going overboard. The best part, some of these items are beneficial to more than just one person, so hey, if you are real close with your buddy, you can get him something you can both enjoy.

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10 Holiday Gifts for Your Hunting Buddies That Aren’t Overkill