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5 Reasons Spring Turkey Season is the Best Season [PICS]


Turkey hunting can be challenging and requires wits and sometimes a little craft. Here are 5 reasons spring turkey season is the best season.

Turkey season is closing in quickly and it’s time to start patterning guns and birds so you can experience the sheer fun of turkey season.

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Here are five reasons spring turkey season is the best season.

1. Excitement is in the air.

Every hunter knows how exciting and exhilarating a tom cruising into the decoys can be. Oh and what about the gobbling? That’s pretty awesome too. When turkeys are being vocal it will surely grab your attention.

2. Hunting with a buddy is a blast.

Whether it’s your better half or best pal, calling in a turkey for someone can be a lot of fun and memorable for both involved. In most parts of the United States, turkeys are plentiful.

When deer hunting, there might be a little stigma if your best bud shoots the buck you’ve been after. Turkey hunting is only high-fives all around.

turkey hunting partner

3. It’s the best thing to do during spring.

Winter has been brutal, and everyone is itching to get out of the house. After focusing on deer all fall and winter it’s time to change focus and have a little fun chasing thunder chickens. It’s time to head to the woods!

4. Great to get youth involved.

I think most people can agree turkey hunting is a great form to get youth involved. The weather is typically nice and the hunting is exciting. Hunting in a tent, which kids will love, is always a good strategy and it conceals movement. If there was a certain type of hunting to start kids out on, it’s turkey hunting.

reason turkey hunting is the best
Country Captures

5. Spring tasty treats.

A fresh turkey can be a true spring treat, but there are tastier treats in the woods during spring. Wild asparagus and morel mushrooms fill the woods depending on your location. While you’re trying to locate some birds, keep your eyes peeled for these tasty treats.

turkey season last image

Turkey season is almost upon us and it’s time to have some fun hunting and get out of the house. Don’t forget to dust of your turkey call and get practicing. Tricking turkeys isn’t always a breeze.

Have some fun and shoot some turkeys this spring!


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5 Reasons Spring Turkey Season is the Best Season [PICS]