Mobile Deer Processing
YouTube: WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY

Mobile Truck Brings Deer Processing to Your Door

This guy is revolutionizing the game processing industry.

While most hunters know how to clean a deer, many don't know how to process their own, prompting them to seek professional assistance.

For those who do it on their own, it's messy and time-consuming. And, for those who pay someone else to do it, it can get pretty expensive and can take a while to finish.

One man from Tonawanda, New York, saw an opportunity to make hunters' lives easier by cutting out the most meticulous step of filling the freezer with wild game meat.

"When I was younger, I had a deer processed," Bryan Hetzel told WKBW in an interview. "It wasn't the best experience, so I decided I'd be taught how to process deer."

In 2015, he started a mobile deer processing business called "Deer Guys," which brings hunters' processed game meat right to them.

Hetzel's one-man operation travels all over Niagara and Erie counties, where he's seen his business grow every year. He says he processes 150-250 deer during each hunting season.

He says the beauty of his model is the demand, as there's enough work available for others to copy his butchering strategy without hurting his business.

Not only does Hetzel save his customers a trip to the butcher shop, but he also does is work right there on site, effectively cutting out the wait time, too. And, he'll even pick up a deer as soon as you shoot it so you don't even have to load it into your vehicle.

One problem Hetzel has run into, however, is the large number of ticks that inhabit western New York.

"This year happens to be a very bad year for ticks," he said in the interview. "So I think the insurance that you're won't have all these ticks in your vehicles or the outside your vehicle rings home for safety purposes."

Hetzel hopes to continue expanding the Deer Guys brand next year and beyond.