Missouri Fishing Permits
Travis Smola

Missouri Temporarily Waives Need for Fishing Permits Until April 15

Missouri is waiving fishing permit requirements during coronavirus outbreak.

If it feels like the whole world has gone crazy, you're not alone in that thought. At least one good thing has come of this for fishing enthusiasts in the "Show Me State." From March 27 through April 15, anglers in Missouri will be able to go fishing without a permit.

The Missouri Department of Conservation decided to temporarily waive the rules so residents could go out and enjoy some outdoor recreation during the coronavirus pandemic.

"The current public-health emergency caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has many Missourians and others looking for safe ways to get outside in nature," Missouri Conservation Director Sara Parker Pauley said in a press release. "Missouri's rivers and streams offer high quality fishing as a way for people to connect with nature while still complying with all health and safety recommendations. Fishing is also a great way to get some much needed physical and mental health benefits during this stressful time."

We couldn't agree more with that. The waive on permits also includes trout tags. However, that doesn't mean things are a free-for-all. Missouri's size restrictions, limits and regulations will still apply to anyone heading to hit the lakes or streams. This temporary exemption also doesn't include anyone who has their fishing privileges previously suspended for wildlife violations.

While the state is loosening restrictions on fishing, they are tightening things up at their state parks. The state is temporarily closing campgrounds and other lodging from March 27 through April 30. Boat ramps and hiking trails will remain open for use. They have also cancelled hunter safety events, range programs and other events and workshops intended for the public.

"We are taking these measures now to reduce the impact of COVID-19," State Parks Director Mike Sutherland said in the press release. "The outdoors provide a great opportunity to relax and distress. Even outdoors, it is important to practice social distancing, avoid large gatherings and wash your hands often."

Fishing sounds like a great way to get away from this crazy news cycle and forget our worries for a little while. Stay safe out there Missouri fishermen!

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