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10 of the Newest Shed Hunting Videos to Help You Relax

This has been an awesome year for shed hunting already!

Have you been out shed hunting this year? I only have two this season myself, but they are the two largest sheds I've ever found. So far, it's shaping up to be a good year to be a shed hunter.

Maybe you've been distracted by the craziness of current events happening right now. No worries, we're here to help. We scoured our favorite YouTube channels to find the newest and coolest shed hunting videos that have dropped recently.

These videos have a little bit of everything to take your mind off things. Sit back, relax and enjoy. You may even learn a few great shed hunting tips along the way.

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Rise and Shed Finds His Biggest Elk Shed Ever

Chad of Rise and Shed has a real passion for searching out elk antlers. That's especially evident in this video where he finds several New Mexico sheds from both mule deer and elk. However, it's the huge, sun-bleached giant that also happens to be his biggest elk antler ever that truly makes this video. The reaction is completely genuine and we're not ashamed to admit we'd probably be yelling the same way after a find like this. This is what the hunt is all about!

Shedcrazy finds a brute

Ben's first shed hunting adventure of the season results in him finding one of his most massive mule deer sheds ever. This shed antler does have a broken tine, but it also has some incredible character to it. We wouldn't complain about finding it! That's not the end of the brown finds either. He finds a second, ridiculously tall antler later in the video. The quantity may not have been here on this trip, but the quality certainly was!

Hushin Finds Big Whitetail Sheds

We absolutely love the Hushin crew's annual "Shed Tour" videos where they travel around the country picking up the kind of antlers the rest of us can only dream about. We're used to seeing these guys pick up mule deer sheds in Utah or Nevada, which is what makes this video such a treat. Because in episode six of the shed tour, they're hitting South Dakota for giant whitetail antlers instead. There's a huge 7-point side in this video you won't want to miss!

Antler Trader Gets Out Early

Josh and Brit of Antler Trader are true shed hunting die-hards. They probably get out into the woods earlier than anyone else, sometimes they don't even wait for late winter. That's the case here. Their first video of 2020 doesn't have a ton of finds, but the first antler Brit finds is a true giant. As has become the norm for their videos, they also stumble across some cool Native American artifacts along the way. You get a little bit of antler goodness and some history in the same video What's not to love?

Giant 8-point set in the snow

This is a newer channel called Tines Down that I haven't run across before. You must see the giant 8-point set this guy finds in the snow. It has a little bit of everything including height and mass. Making the find more exciting, the antlers are buried in the snow when he first approaches. It makes for a very exciting moment uncovering them for the first time! There are several other fresh Iowa finds to appreciate here too. It appears this guy is training his dog to sniff out sheds and it's interesting to watch how the animal reacts.

Muleys and whitetails

Everyone loves finding a big shed, but how about finding literally dozens of sheds in one day? That's what Uphill Adventures does in this video as he picks up antler after antler. It's like a shed hunter's dream come true. The only thing cooler than the numbers is the fact that it's a mix both whitetail and mule deer antlers. Who doesn't enjoy finding multiple species in one day? We're certainly jealous. We don't have days like this here in the Midwest where I deer hunt and search for antlers.

24 in a Day!

Another video from Hushin, just because we think they make some of the best shed hunting videos out there. This is part seven of their shed tour and the following day from the first video. They have a much better day numbers-wise here, picking up 24 sheds total! Not only do they find some big whitetail sheds, but they also pick up a few nice deadheads too. Looks like an awesome day in the field to us!

Finding a Giant Deadhead

Don't get us wrong, we prefer to find cast antlers, but there is something special about finding a deadhead buck that lived out his days in the wild too. There's a certain amount of respect for a buck living long enough to be taken down by natural causes. This video by Extreme Element Outdoors features a very nice deadhead. This one appears to be an older deer that simply lived out his days while avoiding all hunters. It makes for a nice save!

Public Land in Maryland

This isn't a state you hear about very often for any sort of big game hunting, much less for shed hunting. However, the guys in this video from the Everyday Outdoorsmen show that there are some good deer to be found in the Old Line State. What makes this video more impressive is the fact that these guys are searching on public land. It's one thing to be successful in the American west where deer are everywhere and another thing to be hunting a more highly populated state where hunting pressure is high.

Tons of Muley Sheds

Another Rise and Shed video. This video was too good to not share. This is a collaborative video with the Hushin crew. These guys end up finding a pickup truck load of sheds. Quite literally. We're dead serious. Watch to the end of the video to see them load everything up. This makes me want to head to New Mexico for a backcountry shed hunt!

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