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#WhitetailWednesday: 10 Hilarious Shed Hunting Memes That Are All Too True

These memes are all too true.

With hunting season behind us just about everywhere in the country, it's time to turn to our second-favorite time of year: shed hunting season.

However, perhaps it's still a bit too early to burn the boot leather in your area. That said, sit back and enjoy a good laugh with these 10 shed hunting memes for today's #WhitetailWednesday.

1. Sticks

I've come to the conclusion Mother Nature just has a really cruel sense of humor in making these two things look exactly alike.

2. Competition

Nothing takes the excitement out of a shed hunt faster than getting to your favorite spot for the first time all year and seeing someone has already been there.

3. That one friend who never finds anything...

We ALL know someone like this!

4. It's a secret.

shed hunting

If you're careful, your list really is this short!

5. Not a real antler.

shed hunting

Believe it or not, I've read about this happening to more than one person!

6. Kidnapper

Don't tell anyone, but it's really not that hard...

7. Is it?

The struggle is indeed real, especially when you get all worked up only to see it's a perfect shed look-alike at the last second.

8. Someone beat you to the punch.

Every avid shed hunter knows the pain.. #shedhunting

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Truly, is there a worse feeling? It's especially painful if it's a buck you watched all hunting season, too.

9. Skunked

The only thing worse than getting skunked is finding out your friends had a great day.

10. Freaking squirrels

It's bad enough they torture you on the deer stand by sounding like a 300-pound whitetail. But no, they have to torture you after the season, too! Time to buy a new pellet gun and carry it on your hike!

Shed hunting can be frustrating at times, but when you're successful, it's more than satisfying. We hope you got a good laugh out of these and good luck looking for those giant fallen antlers this season!