Minnesota DNR Announces New Special Angling Regulations

Trout fishing is now allowed all year long in certain places in Southeastern Minnesota. 

The Minnesota DNR has announced new special angling regulations pertaining to trout fishing in the cities of Chatfield, Lanesboro, Preston, and Spring Valley. The change will allow catch and release fishing during the fall in these cities, giving anglers the ability to fish in some capacity year round. The main areas to fish in these areas are the South Branch Root River in Preston and Lanesboro, Mill Creek in Chatfield, and Spring Valley Creek in Spring Valley.

Ronald Benjamin, who is a Lanesboro area fisheries supervisor had positive things to say about this new regulation. "We're pleased to offer this new opportunity for catch and release stream trout fishing during the fall, when the trout season is traditionally closed, this fills the gap between open trout seasons and makes these special regulations match the popular year round season established in three nearby state parks."

Another point Benjamin brought up was the fact that anglers will have somewhere to fish inside the city during the fall, where they won't be as likely to disrupt deer hunters outside of the city. The new regulations will go into effect this year on March 1st.