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3 Places to Fish in Michigan That You Can’t Tell Anyone About

Everyone loves talking about the great places to fish in Michigan, but these three places you just can’t tell anyone about.

You name it, and Michigan has it, walleye, musky, northern pike and just about any other freshwater fish that swims in the water.

1. Saginaw Bay deserves its recognition

There are a lot 0f great places to fish, but Saginaw Bay is one of the most overlooked hotspots in Michigan. You can catch your limit of walleye on lakes across Michigan. Guide Jake Trombley says, “At Saginaw Bay, it is not if you catch your limit, but how quickly you catch your limit.” The sheer number of fish in the bay has increased resulting in the state increasing the limit from five per person to eight per person, and decreased the size limits from 15 to 13 inches. All this to produce larger class size fish and help save the struggling perch population.

From the ice fishing through the dog days of summer, the bay is a phenomenal year round fishery. The best time of year to catch significant numbers are June and July, but if you want a chance at trophy fish then late fall to early spring are the best. This time of year, a fluorescent pink lure is hot most anywhere on the bay. There is a lot of water to fish, but after you find the “almighty eyes,” you will have your limit in short order. After limiting out on these Saginaw Bay monsters, you will be back for more.

2. Do not underestimate Lake Erie as a walleye hot spot

Jake with

Kayla Moore of Gills n’ Thrills reports that Fluorescent Pink Deep Down Husky Jerks are hot on the lake right now, and the walleye are hungry. Lake Erie is ideal for walleye, but do not overlook large and smallmouth bass. Smallmouth bass are found around Bolles Harbor, and both small and largemouth bass are good in the summer around Sterling State Park. You can fish the channel lagoons and marsh areas and do well on catfish. This time of year catfish are hitting on crawlers and shiners.

It is best to fish from a boat on Lake Erie, but you can fish from the shore around Sterling State Park. There are a lot of fisherman sticking to their Lake Erie honey holes, but step out of your comfort zone and fish several of these locations. It never hurts to have a second choice, and you never know when you find a new honey hole.

3. You can catch your limit of walleye all up and down the St. Clair River

Kalya Fish 1

It is odd that so many fishermen drive right past the St. Clair River and never know they could have a limit of walleye in no time. Walleye are most anywhere on the river and this time of year are very aggressive. Port Huron is a definite hot spot for walleye, and you will not be there long before you have your limit. Don’t be surprised to have bass hit your lure on St. Clair River. There are plenty of large and smallmouth bass all up and down the river.

Conventional wisdom will tell you to use a troll crawler harness, but don’t be surprised to limit out on bottom bouncers and jigs as well. Many fishermen will fish other locations and then hit the St Clair when other hot spots cool down, but the St. Clair River has great fishing year around. If you are looking for great fishing in Michigan check these three hot spots out, I am sure after you do you will not want to tell anyone about them.



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3 Places to Fish in Michigan That You Can’t Tell Anyone About