michigan stocks
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan Stocks 25 million Fish in 2017... So Far

Every year, the state of Michigan stocks fish to enhance its fishing opportunities.

So far in 2017, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has stocked more than 25 million fish in state waters.

"We had excellent spring and summer stocking seasons that will bring significant benefits and fishing opportunities to Michigan anglers," said Ed Eisch, DNR fish production manager. "With the hard work and dedication of our staff, fish were reared and delivered to stocking sites in excellent condition. The numbers produced and stocked were right on target for most areas."

To be exact, the DNR has stocked 25,470,199 fish, weighing more than 320 tons. Michigan stocks 11 different species in its waters. One hybrid is also added to the mix.

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Michigan has six state and two cooperative hatcheries that product the fish to be stocked.

michigan stocks

Michigan DNR

The 2017 stocking numbers include 189 million walleye fingerlings and fry. They were reared in ponds and stocked in 140 inland lakes and rivers. In addition, walleye were stocked in 20 sites in the Great Lakes.

The DNR says that the fish Michigan stocks brings between $2.4 billion and $4.2 billion into the state's economy. The money comes from sport fishing and related businesses.

A few more stocking efforts will take place this fall. These species will include brook trout, Atlantic salmon, lake sturgeon and muskellunge.