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Stocking Brown Trout in New York is as Simple as Using a Bucket

Brown trout were stocked in Allegany State Park in April with six to eight-inch hatchery-raised fish.

The first week of April 2016 saw some 3,800 yearling brown trout disappear into the waters of Allegany State Park, NY. The waters of Red House Brook, Red House Lake, and Science Lake all received stockings of six to eight inch fingerlings.

The NYS DEC was also slated to add the hatchery raised fish into Quaker lake and its tributaries within a day of the first stocking at the park.

Certainly not all the trout stocked were placed by bucket, but big thanks to the DEC and the volunteers who helped. Since the Dec says that five of the streams in the park do not maintain cold enough temperatures throughout the summer trout are generally placed on a “put and take” basis.

While a number of streams in the park do support wild trout populations they lack size and numbers of fish, but are available to be fished.

More information about trout fishing in Allegany State Park can be found on the DEC website.



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Stocking Brown Trout in New York is as Simple as Using a Bucket