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Michigan Man Pops Car Hood, Finds 50 Pounds of Pinecones Stored by Squirrel


It might be time to thin the squirrel population when you find this...

A photo under the hood of a Michigan car is going wildly viral after a Michigan man found 50 pounds of pine cones squirrels stashed away in his car! reports Gaylord's Kellen Moore found the surprise under the hood of his Dodge Journey last week after noticing his air conditioner was making an odd noise.

Moore and his co-worker, Gabe Awrey, were shocked to find the cozy nest the animals were making for themselves inside.

Squirrels sure keep busy. Just a friendly reminder to check under the hood every now and then. Gabe Awrey took this...

Posted by Joe Charlevoix on Monday, May 14, 2018

"This stuff happens a lot up here," Gabe Awrey told "It happens to everyone eventually. But not at this scale. At the worst you find some acorns in your air filter or what not. Everyone who has seen this can't believe it. It's the perfect set up for a squirrel though. Nice and insulated, lots of food with the pine cones. Pretty practical until your nest dives away."

It was Awrey's photo that later went viral once it hit the Facebook page of a popular meteorologist in the area.

The squirrels had apparently been stashing the pine cones for quite some time. It took two people 45 minutes to clear out the squirrel's hard work. Those squirrels are always getting into trouble, right? We're thinking it might be time to get a pellet gun and thin the population out a bit!

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Michigan Man Pops Car Hood, Finds 50 Pounds of Pinecones Stored by Squirrel