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Man Puts Leash on Wild Coyote and Takes It Home with Him

Travis Smola

No, you shouldn't put a coyote on a leash.

We really shouldn't have to tell you that. But apparently the Michigan Department of Natural Resources did in a case out of Sanilac County.

This is a weird one. reports an unnamed man actually put a wild coyote on a dog leash and then took the animal home with him. How he managed to do so without the animal attacking him is anyone's guess. But someone reported the bizarre incident to the DNR, so Conservation Officer Mark Siemen went out to investigate.

The man told Siemen he found the injured coyote on a road near Lexington Township. He went on to say he wanted to take the injured animal to a wildlife rehabilitation specialist but couldn't find anyone willing to take it in.

The officer took unspecified enforcement action against the man and educated about the risks of taking a coyote home on a leash.

There was no word on what ultimately happened to the injured animal in this case.


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Man Puts Leash on Wild Coyote and Takes It Home with Him