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Michigan DNR Fish Stocking is Now in Full Swing for Spring, and Anglers Win

You may see DNR fish stocking trucks, like the one pictured here, throughout the state in the coming months as they take precious cargo to be stocked in waterbodies across Michigan. (Image via Michigan DNR)

During the spring, Michigan DNR fish stocking trucks will be heading out to release game fish throughout the state.

The Michigan DNR is working hard this spring by drawing on their 46 rearing ponds and Great Lakes net pen facilities to bring trout, salmon, walleye and muskellunge to lakes and streams.

18 specially designed fish stocking trucks will be fanning out until early June and putting on over 100,000 miles to release fish in hundreds of locations.

The state's robust stocking program remains an important facet in sustaining and increasing angling opportunities to resident anglers and tourists alike. With an impressive annual stocking average of approximately 26 million fish, that weigh in around 350 tons, stocking provides a significant boost to the Great Lakes, thousands of streams and lakes across the state and is a win-win for fishing enthusiasts.

Visitors and residents have excellent access to fishing throughout Michigan and will have many opportunities to see the fish stocking fleet at work throughout the spring.



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Michigan DNR Fish Stocking is Now in Full Swing for Spring, and Anglers Win