The Secret to Fly Fishing Nymphs in Deep Pockets

Here are some quick tips on how to fly fish nymphs in deep pockets to put them right where the trout are holding up.

ORVIS discusses and demonstrates the best tactics to fly fish nymphs in deep pockets to drift the fly in naturally to provoke a strike.

Fishing pocket water along a river becomes more and more important as temperatures rise and water levels lower in the summer. Pockets are where the trout will really hold out, right at the bottom, actively feeding on what comes in from the river and churns around.

The real trick is being able to cast a nymph with your rod and get it to drift down in front of these trout to trigger a strike and this is where this tutorial from ORVIS excels.

Too often in the past I have tried to nymph right in front of the trout which is a sure way to spook them. This video gets it right by demonstrating how to drop a couple of meters ahead and let the nymph naturally drift in front of the fish; a much more nuanced way that won't trigger a flight response.

Be prepared this spring and summer to get down deeper in those pockets by following these tips from ORVIS.