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Start Tying Your Own Flies with Orvis’ Help

Get going and start tying your own flies with this ready-to-go fly tying kit from Orvis.

I have been fly fishing for about 20 years and have just now started to get into tying my own flies. I really don’t know what took me so long, but I will blame it on duck hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, bait casting, and all my other outdoor pursuits. Added to this, of course, is the distraction of my day job.

However, there can be no better time to start than in the winter and there are basic fly tying kits from Orvis that will get you going very quickly on this great pastime.

Have a look at this quick video of one of the Orvis fly tying kits that will let you turn any desk or table into a fly tying mecca.

Maybe I held off getting into tying my own flies because I believed it was so technical and would be a difficult thing to become proficient at. It really does not have to be, and with one of these fly tying kits you will be tying some of your own flies within hours. With these kits come basic instructions and you can get going on some of the basic go-to guide flies that work in almost any river or lake.

There is no greater pleasure than landing a trout on one of your own hand-tied flies. Not only will it increase your overall fly fishing experience, but it will also get you dreaming of one of your favorite outdoor experiences during those long winter months.

For an overview of fly tying kits and supplies check out Orvis here for the basic tying kits.

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Start Tying Your Own Flies with Orvis’ Help