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Messi the Puma Lives in an Apartment in Russia as a Pet

This isn't your average house cat.

According to Sputnik, a couple from the Russian city of Penza share an apartment with a male puma named Messi.

The Dmitrievs adopted the big cat from a petting zoo and claim he is "totally safe" to be around humans. Regardless, pumas are still ver much wild animals so don't go rushing out to keep one as a pet anytime soon. This isn't your average dog or cat.

Meet Messi the mountain lion:

According to the Dmitrievs, Messi pretty much behaves like a dog. He even goes outside to use the bathroom and enjoys visits to the dog park.

At home, Messi is well-loved by his owners.

To keep up with all of Messi's adventures in Russia, be sure to follow him on Instagram, I_am_puma.


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