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Rut Daniels: The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Bowhunter to Walk the Earth

He was destined for greatness and he promised his sponsors gold in the Olympic games. That was until he shot the wrong target. But just who is Rut Daniels? Well, he's only the greatest Olympian to ever step foot on an archery range or to ever go whitetail deer hunting. It's a shame this bowhunting legend never brought home the gold.

There's no way to truly understand Daniels and is prowess as both an archer and a hunter until you hear him talk for yourself (or rather, for himself). He's one of one, he's always first and never last, and most of all, he's a man who simply won't be taken lightly.

As soon as you watch this hilarious parody, you'll understand exactly what the great Rut Daniels is all about. Whatever you do, though, don't look him right in the eyes.

In case you're wondering who Rut really is, this is Bud Fisher, the brother former NHLer Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators.

The Ontario natives and avid deer hunters are diving into the wild game hunting industry. They recently partnered their company Catchin' Deers with Tractor Supply Company to produce a line of hunting T-shirts and other outdoor apparel.

It seems Rut Daniels is staying true to his "everyman" persona and will be helping the team market the Catchin' Deers brand as they continue to grow.

When the Rut Daniels Instagram account was started, it took less than 10 days to amass over 7,000 followers on the social media platform. Now he has over 200,000 dedicated followers who love to repeat his signature catchphrase: "Didn't go 20!" That one took off quickly and has now been put on T-shirts, hoodies, and more.

We had a good chuckle over Rut bragging about working in the local bow shop.

"First day, sold the place clean out of Hoyts!"

In another video on the account, he tells a short hunting story and brags about the deer he has shot while also going on to remark: "Can't eat the antlers, am I right?"

This is one of the funniest hunting parody alter egos to come about in a while, and we look forward to seeing what other adventures or misadventures Rut gets himself into in the near future. See for more information.

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