5 Things to Tell Your Deer Hunting Widow While You're Away in the Woods


Is your wife or girlfriend a deer widow? Here's some fun things she can do while you're in the woods!  

Deer hunting season is in full swing in many parts of the country. Right now, here in Michigan, we're right in the middle of firearms deer season. Opening day creates a lot of deer hunter widows in many parts of the country.

If your significant other isn't into hunting, (our sympathies) here are some suggestions on fun things you can suggest to her while you're in your deer stand in the woods.

Just don't suggest buying her one of those hunting widow T-shirts. She likely won't be as amused as you are. These some genuine "good hubby" suggestions that should make your hunting season widow a little more accepting of all the time you're spending in the woods this year.

Suggest going to a hunter's widow sale.


It sounds cliche. However, if your significant other doesn't like hunting, but likes shopping, this is a valid option. And no, I'm not suggesting you tell her to go on a trip to the grocery store. Don't do that unless you're a redneck who wants a well-deserved slap! I know some guys on here will shudder at the idea of suggesting to their wife or girlfriend that they go shopping, but let's be fair here. You probably spend hundreds if not thousands on camo, treestands and other new hunting gear every year. It's probably more than fair enough to let her have some fun, too.

Many states now have specialty "widows weekend" sales just during deer season. If she's going to go anyway, suggest going to one of those sales and she'll thank you for thinking of her. You'll have fun and so will she. Win-win.

A girl's night out with her friends.

Everyone is extremely busy these days and it's hard to carve out time for each other, let alone friends. That's why hunting season is the perfect time for your wife or girlfriend to spend time with her best friends. While you're bowhunting over that food plot, she can spend some quality time connecting with her girlfriends over drinks or even a movie away from the guys.


In time, your deer hunting widow may look forward to the season as much as you do when she enjoys revisiting with friends she hasn't seen in ages. You'll have your fun waiting for the big buck, she'll have hers by taking some time to relax and reconnect with friends that she just don't see often enough.

A craft show event.

If you wife or girlfriend is the creative type, do a search of your area for craft show events being held in deer season. A short search of the web even finds some branded as "hunting widow" events. Some of the ones I found online offered things like live music, wine tasting, book discussions and more. I even located one that was giving away a $100 shopping spree.

This type of thing pays dividends beyond just the event. She can pick up some materials for a project that makes her happy through the rest of the season while you're in your 100th hour of searching for that ghost buck on your trail cameras.


Suggest a spa day.

You can suggest she go to a spa. But If you really want to win some points, find a spa and buy her a gift certificate and surprise her with it. She likely won't be expecting it and it will give her a chance to relax and rewind from the stresses of everyday life while you're out hunting.

Just because she isn't a hunter doesn't mean she doesn't deserve some rest and relaxation of her own at this time of year. Make it an annual suggestion for when the bucks are most likely to be rutting out in the woods and she'll never again question if you're spending too much time in the woods in November.

Suggest taking the kids with you so she can have "me" time.


If you have children, offer to take the kids out hunting with you a few times during the season. Don't worry, you've got it all under control. Now she can have a few days of uninterrupted "me" time for whatever she desires. Maybe she likes reading. Now's a prime time to do it without the usual disruptions.

Whatever she enjoys doing best, tell her to go for it while you've got the kids distracted in the woods for a while. It gives her a much-needed break and you're spreading your love of hunting to a new generation. That's a win all-around in our books. Give it a shot this season!

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