Meet Nicole Stone and Watch Her Pull 64 Walleyes Out of 1 Hole

Nicole Stone can ice fish, and when she pulls 64 walleyes out of one hole in the same day, you'll be a believer!

Nicole Stone is a former Wide Open Spaces writer that is a native of the North Star State. She grew up fishing in central Minnesota before the age of 6. She has since developed a serious passion for the outdoors, creating outdoor content, (including photos, videos) and has a bachelors in Atmospheric Science and a nearly finished Masters of Natural Resources.

When I talked to Nicole via e-mail she was more than gracious enough to share with me some of the information about this adventure to Minnesota's famed Upper Red Lake in November, 2017.

One piece of information that she told me—for those folks thinking of planning a trip to this amazing walleye lake from out of state: "Also keep in mind, none of Lower Red, and only part of Upper Red is open to the public, the rest is part of the (Red Lake Indian) reservation."

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Stone said, "Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like no matter what you do you can catch a fish? That was this day. Literally the second I would throw my dead stick or jig down, I'd have a fish. As I mentioned, the lake was shallow (fishing in maybe 10 feet) so I could catch and release with no problems."

Well, check out the video and then read on for bait, time of day, and conditions on the lake:

Another important thing to consider, as Nicole told me: "We were just over a warm stretch (of weather) and the southern part of Upper Red was considered "dangerous", so a lot of people stayed away from the lake altogether."

Still, she said that "We only fished from about 9:30 to 4:30 on this particular day" and that "the bite was unbelievable"

"I used a white 3/8 oz jig the entire day, with a minnow through the back. I set up a deadstick on a spoon (also with a full minnow through the back). The minnows were all fatheads. The lake itself is fantastic for walleye all year, but it was incredible in November," she said.


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