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Minnesota Grouse Hunter Survives Night Spent in Sub-Zero Cold

grouse hunter

A grouse hunt almost turned deadly for a Saint Louis County man when he became stuck and had to walk. What happened next was a miracle.

When David Quiser of Cook decide to go on a grouse hunt Christmas morning, he didn't know that it would turn out to be the fight of his life.

The 72-year-old hunter only wanted to get out there and chase some birds, but after his vehicle got stuck in the snow, and without a cell phone to call for help, he suddenly knew he was in trouble.

"I found myself in, as deputy sheriffs would say, 'deep doo-doo,'" Quiser said.

Here's a video with more:

After spending the entire night in his stuck vehicle, he decided it was do-or-die. It was then Quiser made the fateful decision to try and walk out the three miles to the main road.

"I have emphysema and the farthest I've been able to walk is one mile," he said on video. "I've got a father and a brother, both deceased. I called upon them both for strength."

Two-thirds of the way out, the worst happened when he fell and couldn't get back up. He then began to crawl on his hands and knees.

Then his luck changed: Sheldon and Preston Sokolski, a father-and-son pair that was out checking their logging equipment spotted Quiser and got him out of the cold.

"They saved my bacon, without a doubt," he said.

Quiser survived frostbite, hypothermia, and a night in below-zero temperatures. Even though he'll lose a couple fingers, his spirits remain high.

"I guess I'll be typing with my elbow now," he said. "Let your family know where you're going, and never give up. Never, ever give up."


Minnesota Grouse Hunter Survives Night Spent in Sub-Zero Cold