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Harrowing Rescue of Hikers on Algonquin Peak Completes an Amazing Story of Survival


This short video of the amazing rescue on Algonquin Peak in New York's Adirondack Mountains is just the beginning of the story.

When Madison Popolizio and Blake Alois went to hike in New York's Adirondack Mountains, they couldn't have known that their walk would end up as a nightmare at 5,000 feet.

After 48 hours trapped near the summit of New York State's second highest peak and their chances dwindling, they were rescued by a NYS Police helicopter and then saved.

Their amazing story of survival was made possible by their own endurance and desire to live, but also by the brave crews of NY's finest police and NYS Forest Ranger rescue teams who fought difficult and constantly changing conditions high above where the two had begun their hike.

Here's the video:

Popolizio said that she owed her life to Alois-

"I was freezing. The fall pushed all of the snow up my jacket, into my gloves, in my boots. I was covered in snow. I told him I can't really feel my legs anymore, I can't feel my feet, and his first instinct was to take his bag that was full of our supplies and our food and to dump it out and to pull it around my legs so I could stay warm."

A deep fog had rolled in on the mountain causing them to be nearly blinded, and they had fallen off of the trail.

After they were overdue, rescue teams searched around the clock to find them and by the time they did, the pair had started hallucinating. One thing that they both agreed was real though: the sound of a police helicopter closing in on their location.

"And I looked at (Alois), and I was like, 'Did you hear that one?' And he was like, 'Yeah, I heard that one. And we just both started screaming."

After the rescue both agreed that they would plan a reunion for the men and women of the Forest Ranger Service who spent the 48 hours looking for them until they were safe.

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Harrowing Rescue of Hikers on Algonquin Peak Completes an Amazing Story of Survival