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This Might Be the Meanest Piglet on the Planet

Facebook: Texas Hunting

Ever wondered if baby hogs are as aggressive as the full-grown hogs? That's a hard yes.

It's no secret that wild hogs can be aggressive. You have heard horror stories of many feral hogs charging, attacking and coming after people. They are aggressive in nature and their tusk or cutters can cause some serious damage if they meet flesh.

Therefore, wild hogs are nothing to mess with or joke about when you come close to seeing one. But what about those tiny cute little piglets they have oh so often? Well, it looks as if they are aggressive from the get go.

It is cute and funny now, but not so much 150 pounds later.

Check out this bad little dude.

Attack of the Mini Pig

Hit a nerve son! Little pig said hold me back, I'm gonna kick kick his arse.#FightNight #ManOnMission #BadBacon

Posted by Texas Hunting on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

After being held down by this man, this bacon bit was ready to unleash the fury on him. He doesn't give up easily and the roundabout chase is nothing short of hilarious.

The baby hog was on a mission and wasn't stopping until the deed was done.



This Might Be the Meanest Piglet on the Planet